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We believe in innovation. All along.

Mechanics, like progress, lives through continuous innovations.
A genial intuition from Mr. Giancarlo Sonzogni gives birth to this company in 1964. It is natural that Sonzogni Camme has in its own DNA a deep passion for research, an innovative soul, a natural evolutionary drive.
On this basis growth has been steady: from the first needle-drive rollers to the machines to produce them; from cams to special units produced on customer specifications and developed through co-engineering to better meet their requirements.

We see challenges as opportunities.

Sonzogni Camme’s mission is to ADD FURTHER VALUE TO THE WORK of its customers. The innovative solutions given to the market are countless. In the latest one globoidal cams and mechatronics are linked together in order to unite mechanical precision to electronics’ flexibility.
The company vision focuses on multidisciplinary development oriented towards the design of more performing systems and more complex technologies, up to designing and manufacturing complete machines.