The Parablock® is a mechanism that transforms the constant speed parallel axis rotation of a pair of conjugate cam profiles in intermittent or oscillating rotation of a probe equipped with two sets of rollers.

These rollers, conveniently preloaded, guarantee the perfect control of the position of the probe both in the movement and in the dwell period.

The cams have a hardened and rectified profile and the rollers slide on hardened pins which are supported at both ends. This allows to obtain smooth and noiseless movements, no backlash and shock, positioning accuracy and optimal load capacity.

The Parablock® is a mechanism of simple design, which adds to its considerable technical quality and great reliability, ease in the assembly, low maintenance and, if properly chosen and installed, a virtually non-existent wear.

The profile of the cam is designed to provide the best intermittent or oscillating dynamic performance generated by cams rotating at a constant speed.

For this reason it is important that the transmissions, both incoming to and outgoing from the unit, are entirely free of elasticity, backlash and vibrations which, in addition to the distortion of the dynamic performance, generate on the various components uncontrolled wear and overloads, that are greater the more the fluctuations in the speed of rotation are extensive and frequent.

In addition to the standardized types listed in the catalog, special Parablock® for special applications can be provided.