Quality Policy

SONZOGNI CAMME undertakes to meet the implicit and explicit requirements expressed by the stakeholders by respecting its fundamental values and applying the principles below, with a view to continuous improvement.


  • Pay attention to budget policies.
  • Cautious financial management.
  • Constant commitment to legislative compliance (product, environment, safety, market).
  • Promotion of the economic and social sustainability of the company.


  • Continuous improvement of efficiency (technological and plant integration, performance, investments, customer service).
  • Continuous customer support for design customization, through co-design formula.
  • Implementation of products made with innovative technologies.
  • Continuous expansion towards foreign markets through websales and/or local consultants and agents.
  • Expansion of the product portfolio in partnership with customers in niche segments.
  • Expansion of services related to the product portfolio (warranty period).


  • Attention to the Quality Control process.
  • Development of specific know-how to identify and implement the best solutions.
  • Product repeatability guarantee.
  • Manufacturing of machines characterized by high speed, precision and reliability performances.
  • Combination of tradition, experience, creativity and versatility with the best available technology.


  • Continuous development of the skills of professional resources. (training on the job, E-learning, external training, job rotation).
  • Constant attention to the application of the rules on safety and awareness of personnel.
  • Continuous transmission of company objectives to personnel during the performance of work activities.
  • Attention to generational change and collaboration with training institutes for internship and school-work alternation formulas.


  • Continuous adaptation of technological systems and improvement research of materials and chemicals.
  • Continuous development of preventive maintenance activities.
  • Constant verification of compliance with environmental legislation.
  • Attention to the environmental sustainability of the company and the process.