Sonzogni style

Partnership with customers – from design to complete satisfaction
Sonzogni Camme operates with an organization that integrates resources where consultancy, production and after-sales service are well coordinated and optimised.
The strategic target is to be at the forefront of customer service with a technical and practical partnership based on long term experience of many segments and markets.

Project consultancy
Our professional specialist resources’ know-how and competence endorse customers’ projects or concepts in order to evaluate and carry out the best solutions based on a wide breadth of competencies.
We not only design cams and their profiles, but we help our customers design entire units, including all the necessary kinematics for it, to even design and produce the complete machine.

Quotation engineering
Design specifications become a feasibility plan, perfectly structured in all its operational aspects: technological and plant design integration, performance, investment.

Prototypes and application tests
Before passing on to the production process, Sonzogni Camme produces prototypes that are subject to the strictest duration and performance trials.

Production and controls
The production and assembly process takes place at the company using state-of-the-art machines, both from an efficiency and precision standpoint.
Every single item and sub component is checked and tested to assure the highest quality and reliability.
Our products’ longevity, that are normally used in high-speed environments, and our customers’ satisfaction confirm the strength of our designs and our high standard of production and inspection.

Global service
Each product supply commences a positive dialogue with the customer aimed at solving any of their necessities.
The spare-parts warehouse contributes in increasing service efficiency, as well as the possibility of rebuilding used units, respecting the highest customer satisfaction standards.