More and more frequently we are asked to provide, in addition to the rotoblock® units, a series of accessories that make it possible to reduce design costs.

That’s why SONZOGNI CAMME studied a series of pallets, complete with rotoblock® or handler that can be used as the basis for the creation of semi- or fully automatic machines.

The pallets can be supplied with different combinations of rotoblock® or handler and different types of engines, including the supply of the variator for speed control.

The pallets are made ​​of bent metal sheets and a thick top plate for mounting units.

It is possible to have openings on all four sides so to have easy access to the components mounted within: cams and levers, electrical controls, pneumatic plant and other accessories.

Rotoblock® are manufactured using standard components of SONZOGNI CAMME, according to the dimensional and geometric requirements of the customer.