Globotronic is the result of the technology and experience gained over 50 years of Sonzogni Camme’s life, and has been designed to meet the growing demands in the automation sector. A high precision rotary table that exploits the perfect combination of a constant pitch globoid cam with a brushless or torque motor for total control in any positioning required by various applications. When you are in the presence of rapid movements and precise positioning, Globotronic is the excellent tool for you.

The globoid cam-roller turret coupling is preloaded to achieve maximum stiffness and stability in movement. The gripping rollers guarantee a smooth and backlash-free movement, the high mechanical efficiency, given by pure rolling, maintain a low operating temperature and consequently a high stability of operation and duration. The very high accuracy remains unchanged for long periods without the need to perform new calibrations and other maintenance work. In addition, the combination with the brushless or torque motor allows the programming of the group for any need: in fact, you can freely change the number of stations, curves, degrees of rotation, possibly even the direction of rotation!

Globotronic is able to transmit a high torque in any position and direction and is available in different sizes according to the construction requirements.

Globotronic is also available with ATEX certification for explosive environments.