The great flexibility offered by the rotoblock® units, combined with other mechanical movements made ​​with a radial cam, offers the ability to solve complex problems in the field of manipulation and handling in a simple, reliable and accurate way.

This has allowed the creation of mechanical handlers, whose main characteristics can be summarized as follows:

rapid and precise transfers;
constant cycle time;
positive placements;
very low noise;
controlled accelerations (each application is made individually based on the requirements dictated by the specific problem);
no downtime;
no stop or positioning ratchet;
repeatability of positioning;
low and economical maintenance.
The handlers are increasingly widely used and their performance are highlighted in particular in areas where speed, positioning accuracy and reliability are needed. They can also be supplied complete with motor.

handlers are made ​​using:

rotoblock® indexing units, to obtain an indexing rotation combined with the linear translation of the output shaft;
rotoblock® oscillating units, to obtain an oscillation combined with the linear translation of the output shaft.
The possibility to define acceleration curves in the design phase, which are most suitable for the movement of rotation or oscillation and for translation, plus the ability to combine these movements, defining and controlling interference in a safe and reliable way, allows the creation of a virtually unlimited number of solutions, providing smoothness and reduction of vibration phenomena, as well as a highly accurate positioning. Each phase of the cycle and therefore all the positions of the output shaft are mechanically controlled according to defined mathematical laws, in order to ensure reliability and stability over time.

The handlers are built using standard components from SONZOGNI CAMME in accordance with the dimensional and geometric requirements of the customer.