The Globotronic is the result of the technology and experience developed in 50 years of life of Sonzogni Camme, and it has been designed to respond to the growing requirements in the field of automation. A rotary table of high precision that uses the perfect match of a globoidal cam with constant pitch managed by a brushless or torque motor for total control in each position as needed in different applications. When you require quick movements and precise positioning, the Globotronic is the perfect solution that suits your needs.
The pairing of the globoidal cam with the followers is pre-loaded during production to provide the maximum stiffness and stability in the movement. The constant-contact followers provide a fluid, backlash-free movement. This high mechanical efficiency, thanks to a pure rolling movement, allows a low operating temperature and, as a consequence, a high stability of operation and duration. The extreme precision remains unchanged for long periods of time without the necessity to re-calibrate or other maintenance work. Moreover, the pairing with the brushless or torque motor allows the programming of the unit for whichever requirement: it is in fact possible to freely change the number of stops, curves, the movement degrees, and even the rotation direction!
The Globotronic is able to transmit a high torque in any position and direction and can be provided in different sizes according to the customer’s application requirements.