Rotoblock® S/SS-series


The Rotoblock® transforms the uniform rotary input motion into an intermittent rotary or oscillating movement of the output shaft. This is achieved through the action of a globoid cam and a set of roller engaged in the cam. The transformation of motion is precise, controlled and quiet.


The Rotoblock®, compared to other devices, provides:

high transfer rate
possibility of adopting the law of motion best suited for each application
constant cycle time
positioning repeatability
positive positioning
reducing downtime
reduction of noise and vibration
absence of ratchet systems or mechanical stops
limited maintenance.
These features have prompted a growing number of companies to use the Rotoblock®.


The Rotoblock® is an extremely simple device.

A rotating globoid cam, properly profiled, creates a controlled movement of the probe (turret). The particular shape of the cam profile determines both the movement and the stop of the probe. The law and the time of movement of the probe can take an infinite number of combinations.

In Rotoblock® indexing units the cam profile consists of two distinct areas:

the indexing angle generates an angular rotation in the probe with a predetermined law of motion;
the dwell angle: ensures the arrest, without games, of the probe.
The magnitude of these angles can be selected in the draft stage. Normally the law of motion is symmetric and the cam can rotate in both directions. This will get the same kinematic characteristics and reversal of the direction of rotation of the probe.


The Rotoblock® is used in a wide variety of automatic machines in various industries:

for the assembly of even complex assemblies;
for quality control;
for mechanical tooling;
for positioning, loading, unloading and storage;
for decoration or printing;
for packaging;
for the selection and manipulation;
to control robots;
for the production of plastic items;
to feed presses;
for welding.